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Tank Photo

Port. Photo: BEST! Wehrmacht Officer w/ Binoculars by KO'd Russian KV-1 Tank!!!


SLAYED BEAST! KO'd Russian T-28 Heavy Panzer Tank Sitting in Field!!!


WW2 dead Japanese Soldiers PHOTO US Tanks Japan WWII USMC Army Marines Pacific


Port. Photo: BEST! German Pzkw.38(t) Panzer Tank in Field by Fires; Russia!!!


WW2 Color Photo WWII M4 Sherman Tank in Italy World War Two US Army Europe


TOTAL LOSS! KO'd German Pzkw.IV Panzer Tank on Side of Busy Roadway; Russia!!!


1952 Press Photo Tanks & equipment arrive for U.S. Marines at Kunsan in Korea


Port. Photo: FIRES AT DUSK! German Panzer Tanks by Burning Russian Village (#1)!


Port. Photo: BEST! German Panzermen Foraging by Pzkw.38(t) Tank; Russia (#2)!!!


**POWERFUL! German Pzkw.I Panzer Tank Parading by BRANDENBURG GATE; BERLIN!!!**


1941 World War 2 Chrysler Corporation US Army Tank Original Press Photo


Vintage Photo Of US M2 Light Tank


Original WW2 captured "German" Sherman tank photo.


Vintage Photo 1950s African American Soldiers on WW2 Tank M4 Sherman Military


**BEST! German Panzermen Posed in Muddy Field w/ Pzkw.III Panzer Tank (#1)!!!**


Port. Photo: FIRES AT DUSK! German Panzer Tanks by Burning Russian Village (#2)!


1939 Press Photo German Tanks on the Move in Poland - nox45592


1936 Press Photo New type tank Christie convertible speed tank displayed


1944 Press Photo Russian tanks travel through Lithuanian capital of Kaunas


1945 Koln Cologne Germany 3rd Armored Division Sherman Tank WWII Photo FL109




Vintage WWII PHOTO Photograph Tank with Soldiers 5” by 7”


1945- 55th Armored Infantry Battalion- 22nd Tank Battalion in Wernberg, Germany


1943 Press Photo Sicily - Sherman tank in action advances through dust


original World War II photograph U. S. Army soldiers M5 Stuart light tank crews


1938 US Army Mystery Tank on Maneuvers in Puerto Rico 7x9 News Photo


(10) WWII Photo Album Germany German Tank Tug Boat Barracks Konigsbacher Beer


Three Vintage WW2 Snapshot Photographs People Soldiers Posing With Tank 1941


1944 Press Photo Soviet tanks & troops chase Germans through the snowy Ukraine


1943 Press Photo Aleutian Islands -- soldier drives over snow in a small US tank


1943 US Army Stuart Tanks in Aleutians 7x9 Original News Photo


1944 Armored Column of Tanks Halftracks Periers France Original 7x9 News Photo


1942 Press Photo U.S. Army Tank in Action - lrm01363


1944 Press Photo WWII, Rows of US Army Oil Tank Cars in England with Supplies


1941 Press Photo Soviet tanks move to face German forces in Moscow, Russia


WWII B&W Photo US Army M4 Sherman Tank Rittershofen Germany 1945 WW2 / 3046